New to White Lick

Traditional and Historic

White Lick is a tradition on the corner of 575 and 600 where it has stood since the 1857. The quiet natural setting in the midst of a growing metro area lends well to its name of “the church in the wildwood”.  To the casual passer-by, the church has a quaint, rural look.  The simplicity of the sanctuary lends to a peaceful contemplation.  White Lick offers several outdoor settings for quiet prayer, meditation and contemplation 24/7 around the church and adjacent cemetery.  An outdoor worship center offers services in a quiet sanctuary in a natural setting, weather permitting.

 White Lick is not pastor driven or gender driven.  The shared voices between the pastor and the congregation include both men and women sharing responsibilities and decision making in church functional units including serving as ruling elders and deacons.

 First Time Visiting

If you are planning your first visit to White Lick Presbyterian you may have a few questions. Know that we are a warm and friendly people who will be happy to meet you. White Lick is a spirit-driven church of Disciples who walk with Christ into the world to glorify God.   Worship is not a production but an invitation to enter into a time with God.  White Lick offers thoughtful learning and spiritual growth; not dogmatic according to church doctrine.  Scripture is used to clarify and broaden understanding; not narrowing and selective. White Lick is accepting of all, regardless of your faith tradition and life journey. White Lick follows in the footsteps of Jesus in welcoming all. As Paul so aptly says in Galatians 3:28: “ There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus”.

What to Wear

We have some men who wear ties and women who wear dresses, but most dress casual.

Where to Park

There are parking lots on three sides of the church (North is behind, East is to the side, and South is in front). If you need handicap parking you will find parking and a ramp in the North lot. There is also a ramp in the East lot that leads directly to the sanctuary. If you park in the South lot you may want to use the sanctuary entrance (double red doors). The other entrance will take you to our kitchen. Give yourself some extra time the first time you head our way, just to be sure you find.

Once Inside

Our facility is not overwhelming and there is always a warm member around to point you to the sanctuary, restrooms, classrooms, or fellowship hall. Feel free to look around and if you arrive a bit early there is coffee in the back.

Sunday Mornings

White Lick follows a traditional Presbyterian liturgy. You will sing familiar hymns and some more contemporary selections. Music is provided by piano and organ. Communion is offered every Sunday morning at 8:30 and the second Sunday of every month at 10:30. All are welcome to share in communion by dipping a piece of bread into the cup of grape juice served by the pastor and church officers. Opportunities to go deep-and-wide in the Word are offered through Sunday morning worship, children’s church or Bible study.

What about Children

During our 10:30 service children typically stay in worship until the Children's Sermon and then depart for Sunday School. There is also a nursery available for children under 3 years of age.

Stay for Lunch

White Lick is known for our lunches and hospitality; a family feel in a warm and loving café style setting    Almost every Sunday (excluding Holiday Weekends) we gather after the 10:30 service for lunch, fellowship and  to get to know one another better. The first Sunday of the month is typically a Pitch-In lunch. The other Sundays are hosted by different teams of the congregation. There is a free will offering for the meal but for the first time you stay for lunch, let us host you as our guest.